Ice Age Mafia
The Ending of an Era
Game information
Host Glycereine
Link Game thread: Ice Age Mafia BTSC threads
Size 12 Players (Small)
Start Date 07.04.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) Marquessa

2) EDM
3) Phaze
4) Xerxes
5) Slick
6) Hirkala
7) Shadow7
8) Darth nox
9) Blablah99
10) solman
11) JarZe
12) Framm18

First to Die Hirkala
Last Remaining 2) EDM

4) Xerxes
5) Slick
7) Shadow7
8) Darth nox
10) solman
11) JarZe
12) Framm18

MVP Darth nox
Awards -

Ice Age Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Glycereine using Ice Age mammals that existed some 20,000 years ago.

It began on April 6th, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win in N3 (April 11th, 2011).

Game Mechanics

Ice Age Mafia was a 12 player game with 7 Goodies, 3 Baddies, a true Indy and a recruitable Indy.


  • Order of actions:
    • Block > Save > RID Kill > Kill > Redirect > RID Spy > Spy > Vote Manip
    • Day action not affected by other actions
    • Only RID kills are blocking kills
    • Indy and baddie night kill are not blockable, but a save does prevent them.
    • Redirected Spies are told they have been redirected.
    • Same type actions: If a Blocker is blocked their block would not go through.
  • Lynch rules: First day = no lynch. After that coinflip.
  • Clarification: Goodies don't need to eliminate the hyena if it is on their side, only if it is a Baddie or still an Indy

Role Description

Harmonious Mammals (Goodies):
WINCON: Eliminate all Saber-Tooths and the Hyena

  • Cave Lion - A ferocious beast larger than any modern day lions, up to 12 feet in length. Does not kill for pleasure but is capable of killing nonetheless. Can kill one mammal per night.
  • Mastadon - The largest of the mammoths, his massive size makes him the perfect bodyguard for the Cave Lion. Cave Lion cannot die at night while the Mastadon is alive. If the Cave Lion is lynched the Mastadon goes into a rage and inherits the Cave Lion's kill. It however then becomes an RID kill only.
  • Wooly Mammoth - This large creature's vast size and heavy coat make him less vulnerable than other animals and allow him to intervene on their behalf. Can save any animal including himself but cannot save the same target twice unless fewer than 5 animals remain alive.
  • Megaloceros - The giant elk is regal and majestic. His imposing stature (and giant rack) command respect from the other animals allowing him to persuade their voting. Can change any animal's vote during the day.
  • Megatherium - A giant sloth, he is a scary sight, but is rarely seen. He moves stealthily despite his size, enabling him to watch another mammal at night to learn their identity. Can spy one animal per night.
  • Paraceratherium - This giant rhinoceros has yet to develop horns and is thus lacking in the offensive arena. Despite this obstacle, his massive size allows him to prevent the action of one animal per night. Can block one animal per night. Andrewsarchus cannot be blocked.
  • Glyptodon - This armadillo has armored plating like a humvee, which incidentally is about how large he is as well. His seemingly invulnerable carcass protects him at night but not during the day. The saber-tooths can't break his skin. Cannot die at night.

Saber-Tooth Cats (Baddies): BTSC and Night Kill (A cat must be chosen to carry out the kill)
WINCON: Be in the majority as well as eliminating Andrewsarchus and the Cave Lion

  • Smilodon - As the largest of the saber-toothed cats he invokes the most fear among his enemies. His presence is enough to prevent them from acting. Can block one animal per night. Andrewsarchus cannot be blocked
  • Eusmilus - This smaller saber-tooth can move silently and stealthily at night, avoiding detection and learning the identity of his enemies. Can spy one animal per night.
  • Hoplophoneus - His short teeth still can do damage and he has the ability to change the mind of his enemies. He cannot however change the mind of any of them bent on killing that night. Can redirect the action of an animal each night, but kill actions are not redirected.

Independent Animals (Indies):

  • Andrewsarchus - A gigantic wolf-like creature with misery and destruction on his mind. He cannot be stopped at night. Can kill one animal per night. He is unblockable and cannot be killed at night. WINCON: Must eliminate at least 2 and outlive the rest of his targets (Mastadon, Woolly Mammoth, Paraceratherium, Smilodon, Hoplophoneus). If he does not personally kill at least 2 of the targets he can win by being the last man standing.
  • Megistotherium - This giant hyena has found a taste for blood but hasn't mastered the ability to obtain it himself. He is loyal to neither side and easily swayed. He is looking for a way to win however he can find it. Can RID guess each night for Smilodon or the Cave Lion. If he is correct he joins that faction. If he guesses right for Cave Lion he also gains BTSC with the Cave Lion and keeps his RID Guess for Smilodon. If he joins Smilodon, he retains no abilities. He cannot be lynched but his role is revealed if lynched. If both leaders die and he has not yet joined a side, he gains a roll of the die action per night and a new Wincon of being the last animal standing. 1,2 - Block; 3,4 - Kill;5,6 - Choice of Block, Kill or Self Save. WINCON: Win with faction (after his guess) or win as last standing (if all leaders are dead)

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations


Night 1:

  • Slick spied Phaze, was saved by Darth nox, and was kill attempted by baddies.
  • Phaze killed Hirk and was spied by Slick
  • Framm was redirected to himself, but his RID guess at Cave Lion (shadow7) was wrong anyways
  • Jarze blocked the vanilla goodie, which may lead them to believe it was Smilodon since there was no baddie block attempt in night post (since it failed cause it was on Andrewsarchus). However if the baddies don't point this out it probably won't help them...

Day 1: Losing Smilodon night 1 is going to make this hard for the baddies, but it looks like they at least won't have to worry about Andrewsarchus after the lynch. Slick's subtle outting of Phaze as andrewsarchus almost wasn't enough and if jarZe had been lynched instead (1 vote difference) another goodie would have most likely died at night.

Night 2: The baddies decide to target Xerxes who is unkillable, but to make matters worse he is saved by Wooly Mammoth (darth nox) which prevents him from being outed. This sets them up agian on Night 3. Framm tries to RID shadow7 as Cave Lion again (based on hints by shadow that he is Mastadon that are misinterpretted. Xerxes is blocked by jarZe but had chosen not to act still anyways. Slick spies EDM, learning that she is the vote manipulation (Megaloceros).

Day 2: Marqessa is lynched by process of elimination on the goodies' part. This effectively ends any chance the baddies have due to unkillable roles, but it's not certain yet.

Night 3: Blablah spies and kill attempts Xerxes (because he can't be saved again) but it is thwarted by the fact that Xerxes has a bodyguard role. Xerxes chooses to kill Blablah. Slick spies blablah (which would have meant a baddie lynch if xerxes had failed. jarZe blocks darth nox who had chosen to save self.

Day 3: No baddies left. One Indy left, but goodies have no incentive to lynch him. Cave Lion (Maurice) was outed by being saved by his bodyguard in Night 3, so the Indy can join the Goodies in Night 4.

Special commendations

  • Darth nox is MVP as Wooly Mammoth, saving the baddie kill target 2 nights in a row. Prevented a goodie death (spy) night 1 (which indirectly led to Andrewsarchus lynch) and prevented the outing of Cave Lion night 2 (which led to another attempt on him night 3).

Host disappointments

Looking back I wish I had eliminated Glyptodon's role for both balancing and theme reasons. He never really fit if you look up the animal, and it made too many goodies unkillable (2 plus the save). The baddies still could have won if not for bad luck, but I didn't help them out any with the balance. I also may have overdone the incentive for the indy to join the goodies since they normally choose baddies. I'm happy with the game, but it went very fast and probably wasn't that fun for the baddies.

Alternate endings

  • If Hirk didn't die night 1 and/or Slick wasn't saved, things would/could have been entirely different...
By Glycereine

Winning Faction


  • Maurice/Xerxes - Cave Lion
  • Shadow7 - Mastadon
  • Darth Nox - Wooly Mammoth
  • EDM - Megaloceros
  • Slick - Megatherium
  • Jarze - Paraceratherium
  • Solman - Glyptodon
  • Framm - Megistotherium

MVP Darth Nox

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

  1. Marquessa - Eusmilus - lynched D2
  2. EDM - Megaloceros
  3. Phaze - Andrewsarchus - lynched D1
  4. Xerxes - Cave Lion
  5. Slick - Megatherium
  6. Hirkala - Smilodon - Killed by Indy N1
  7. Shadow7 - Mastadon
  8. Darth nox - Wooly Mammoth - MVP
  9. Blablah - Hoplophoneus - Killed by Goodies N3
  10. solman - Glyptodon
  11. JarZe - Paraceratherium
  12. Framm - Megistotherium * (Found Cave Lion in N4 and joined Goodies)


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