Angel Mafia IV
Game information
Host Araver
Link Angel Mafia IV BTSC threads
Size 9 Players (Small)
Start Date 2017-01-06
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster #, player
  1. sparrowhawk
  2. plasmid
  3. BabyCee
  4. Hachi
  5. maurice
  6. Akriti
  7. Nana
  8. JustDanceForever
  9. Boquise
First to Die Boquise
Last Remaining sparrowHawk, plasmid, BabyCee, Nana
MVP SparrowHawk & plasmid
Awards -

Angel Mafia IV was a game designed and hosted by Araver based on Hirkala's series (see Angel Mafia, Angel Mafia II, Angel Mafia III: Season 2).

It began on January 6th, 2017 and ended in a Baddie win in N3 (January 11th 2017).

Game Mechanics

Shortened to 9 players: 6 vs 2 vs 1


  • OOA: RID Kill (Angel) >> RID Kill (Holtz) >> RID Kill (Linwood) >> Block > Save > Kill / NK. Kills are not blocking.
  • NP shows successful kills & successful saves. DP shows role of lynched players.
  • Tie: D1 No lynch. D2+ All lynched.
  • FAQ:
    • Q: What do the last three things for the roll spy do?
    • A:
      • Backfire= you're exposed (role id) to the target, you do not get results, just a "failed spy message"
      • Random redirect means results are not accurate, it's a role spy potentially redirected by host to another target without you knowing.
      • Reroll is simply because I have a 6-sided die and only 5 choices. Hirk's 6th option I did not like, so I did not include it.
      • P.S. Fred does not get to know the die value, only the result. Some die values may be deducted from the results, some may not.
    • Fred: If it's a successful action (not blocked), then you get the result according to the die. E.g. you target X
      • 1 - X stayed home / X targeted Y.
      • 2 - X is Goodie/Baddie/Indy
      • 3 - X is Role Y
      • 4 - Action failed
      • 5 - one of the above 1-3 except you got redirected to Z so will see Z's target/faction/role instead.
      • If action is blocked it will appear as "Action failed".
  • NK cannot be blocked as baddies would be at a serious disadvantage if they can be both blocked and saved and 2 rid kills aiming their way. I changed this only in the shorter version and added with orange that carrier is for story purposes only. However follow spies may see the carrier carrying the NK unless he has another action going on. For followed baddies I will show only the first from this list: ODTG, normal action, NK carrier (in this order).
  • I decided to let Cordy include herself in the list this shorter version, there are only 9 players out there.
  • RID killers will get failed if RID is incorrect. OOA lists RID Kill >> Block so RID Kill cannot be blocked actually. Blocks are effective against spies, saves, visions, vote manip. Blocker will get "success" even if he acted on a RID Killer that already sent the rid kill so the block did not actually prevent anything (that's the only part where OOA seems strange to others, but I need those RID Kills on top of the chain and that's what >> is for).

Role Description

Goodies: Angel Investigations. WinCon - Remove Baddies (Wolfram & Hart) & Holtz from the game

  • Angel - Vampire - Vampire with a soul seeking atonement for past crimes; Can RID Kill one player each night.
  • "Cordy" (Cordelia Chase) - Part Demon - Through her visions obtained from the Powers That Be, can submit a subset of names (at least 3) each night and will be told if any non-goodies are present. ODTG can have a powerful enough vision (true-vision) to learn the identity of one person (chosen by Cordelia).
  • "English" (Wesley Wyndam-Pryce) - Human - Excellent at deciphering ancient texts; Former Watcher that is stepping into a leadership position; Can make his vote count x1 or x2.
  • "Gunn" (Charles Gunn) - Human - Tough street kid; Can jump in at the last moment and save someone. If he dies, Winifred has a choice to inherit his ability (replacing her own) or not.
  • "Fred" (Winifred Burkle) - Human - Extremely smart, but pretty crazy, she has recovered from her nightmares following her imprisonment in Pylea. Each night she lets a die roll establish her action for the night 1=Follow Spy, 2=Faction Spy, 3=Role Spy, 4=Backfire Spy, 5=Redirected Result (will not be told so), 6=re-reroll.
  • "Lorne" (Krev-Lorne Swath of the Deathwok Clan) - Pylean - After the destruction of Caritas, the singing demon joined the gang. Whenever he hits a high note he will block a player's action.

Baddies (Wolfram&Hart): Have BTSC and a Night Kill. NK has a carrier but only for story purposes. Wincon: last standing.

  • "Boss" (Linwood Murrow) - Human - The new President of Special Projects Division at Wolfram & Hart. He is much more concerned about his safety and personal agenda to care about their plot to corrupt Angel and he will try to get rid of Angel even if that violates the company's policy. Can make his vote count x0, x1 or x2. ODTG he can submit a RID Kill (both abilities are inherited by Lilah if Boss dies, but she loses her previous abilities).
  • "Lilah" (Lilah Morgan) - Human - The primary face of the law firm Wolfram & Hart. She will relentlessly search for persons to manipulate: Each night she can either
    • install surveillance to role spy a player OR
    • employ her tactical squad to keep someone busy (block) for the night.
    • ODTG can employ a Shaman to hack into Cordelia's visions and get all her actions and results from the nights before (including the night this action is played and including Cordelia's ODTG true-vision if that happens up to the night in question).

Indy: WinCon - Must kill one of the baddies. If that is not possible then wincon is last standing. Indy win does not stop game, indy is removed from game if he wins.

  • "Holtz" - Human - Can RID kill each night. No other abilities. Must submit a kill each night, if inactive a RID Kill will be by host.

Host's Summary

Baddies win. Congrats to plasmid and sparrowhawk. I've decided to award MVP to both. I had my doubts when trying to cut it to a 9-player version since I left out both the double indy and the Goodie betrayer which would have helped the Baddie faction somewhat.

N1) As in Angel Mafia III: Season 2, it looks like Fred is the first to go N1, depriving the goodies of a spy. Nana just got a Yes result for her + maurice + Boq who was NKed N1. So she should suspect the hell out of maurice. Also, Aki used an angel smiley? That was a bold choice. Let's see if anyone picks up. EDIT: No one picked it up :(

D1) Nana is tiptoeing around maurice, but hasn't struck. If the goodies take the Indy down before they find a baddie, they will have serious trouble getting rid of two baddies ... that is the twist in the game. Plas has pegged Nana as Cordy for the wrong reasons I think. But I suppose they will try to NK her N2 (or perhaps try a RID as Cordy). Doubt JustDanceForever will save her after their discussion in the game thread, so this would bring all goodie spies down in the first 2 nights. She may have time to transmit her results before dying though. I wonder what Aki & Mo will RID Kill as. If they keep their targets and try the other baddie role they would collectively find a baddie. Baddie vote manip can ensure there is no tie, and x0/x2 options will only narrow Boss to a pool of 4 players if it's a 2vs2 tie that turns into a lynch. Que sera, sera.

N2) Goodie blocks that can't stop a NK can only be used to block Lilah this game. In the original version blocks could have been used to stop the NK but not RID kills, but I thought baddies going up against 2 rid kills, a block and a save would be seriously imbalanced. Both ODTG played but baddies did not Nana's ODTG.

D2) No vote manip yet. No insta RID kill. Aki has warned in the SB before the game that she is moving to a new job in a new city, so I may be at fault here for pushing the game to start :( However goodies are at lylo and lynching Aki would practically seal the deal in baddies favor. Baddies kinda skated this one, not even needing to claim or narrow anything they could be contradicted further along the road. I don't particularly like the speed this has turned into, but it is textbook: quiet goodies + tunneling equals dead town. Yes, losing the spy hurt the goodies, 2 blocks on spies hurt, other spy finding Indy not a plus, but in the end goodies had the power of lynches like any uninformed majority. I left D1 tie as no lynch on purpose. E.g. Had they left it a 2-way tie with goodie vote manip not acting (b/c he didn't know anything to act on in the first place) then any baddies breaking the tie and surviving could've been subjected to (coordinated) rid kills between goodie and indy rid kill. Worst case lost a lynch and cleared a goodie (Nana was actually cleared by all those attempts but not publicly), mild case no lynch (followed by some RID attempts), best case 1 baddie found during the lynch and eliminated at night. Baddie BTSC has even more ideas on how to coordinate an attack without outing till one baddie is dead.... And here I thought only a N1 lucky NK on Angel and a spy on Holtz followed by a RID kill on Holtz was the only landslide win for baddies, but apparently they managed to pull the remove-one-per-phase (even 2 with the RID kill) without lucking on their NK. Shrug. Then again I recently witnessed a goodie killer taking out 2 teammates so I fail to see how I could 100% balance the human factor.

If Aki is lynched it's 2 vs 2 vs 1. If baddies RID kill it's 2 vs 2. But there is no stopping the NK and both vote manips are alive so I would just prolong the game unnecessarily with a day phase as they have majority.

N3) So baddie RID kill (if they submit) will insta-stop the game. Also the fact that neither goodie / indy alive suspects any of the baddies is enough for me. I would have to think about MVP because both baddies fit perfectly covering all corners leading to the end. So unless they screw it up badly during the following night, I think I am going to award co-MVP.

Winning Faction

  • Baddies
    • sparrowhawk - Linwood ("The Boss")
    • plasmid - Lilah

Day and Night Posts

N1 D1 N2 D2 N3

End of Game Roster

Host: araver

  1. sparrowhawk - The Boss Linwood - Survived
  2. plasmid - Lilah - Survived
  3. BabyCee - Wesley - Survived
  4. Hachi - Lorne - Killed N2 by Baddies
  5. maurice - Holtz - RID Killed N3 by Baddies
  6. Akriti - Angel - Lynched D2
  7. Nana - Cordy - Survived
  8. JustDanceForever - Gunn - Lynched D1
  9. Boquise - Fred - Killed N1 by Baddies