Anti-Theme Mafia II
Mafia for Mafia sake
Game information
Host Prof. Templeton
Link Anti-Theme Mafia II BTSC threads
Size 19 Players (Large)
Start Date 2016-08-27
Winning Faction Baddie/Indy
Roster #, player
  1. sparrowhawk
  2. QuickTwist
  3. Nana
  4. Dr.Saab
  5. Alexeyy86
  6. Dee
  7. Slick
  8. boquise
  9. plasmid
  10. Jay
  11. GMaster479
  12. BabyCee
  13. maurice
  14. Framm
  15. yuiop
  16. Marq
  17. araver
  18. curr3nt
  19. darth nox
First to Die Nana
Last Remaining araver
MVP araver
Awards -

Anti-Theme Mafia II was a game designed and hosted by Prof. Templeton based on Anti-Theme Mafia.

It began on August 25th, 2016 and ended in a Baddie/Indy win in D7 (September 13th 2016).

Game Mechanics

This is a classical 5 Baddie vs 13 Goodies vs 1 Indy Mafia with secret Masons and 1 Turncoat. Also, not all Baddies share BTSC.


  • OOA - Driven > Visits
  • OOP - Actions will be simultaneous, however in the event of a conflict: Jail > Drunk > Probe > Save > Spy > Convert > Curse > Kill
  • Kills are not blocking
  • The Night post will show:
    • Night kills
    • Yakuza conversion attempts (target is not shown)
    • Successful saves by both Doctor and Shrink
    • Jailed players
    • Drunk Players
    • Mason Conversion attempts (target is not shown)
  • Lynch ties will result in an unannounced coin toss.

Role Description

The Mafia – Have BTSC – Win if they are in Majority - When lynched they will only apprear as "Mafia" - They do not know who the voodoo lady is. The Mafia have a team Night kill. In the night post a random Mafioso of the host’s choosing will be shown to perform the kill. This choice will be for creative story-telling purposes and does not have to include only roles that are still alive.

  • Framer – Every night they can visit a player and plant evidence. If that player is visited by a Cop they will appear as Mafia. Their target will remain framed the following day and if lynched will appear as "Mafia"
  • Informant – Every night they can choose a player and receive a copy of their result PM that is sent to them by the Host.
  • Driver – Every night they can choose two players and any actions done on those players will be swapped. They can drive themselves. This does not count as a visit by the driver. Only players that are going out at night can be driven.
  • Yakuza – Can sacrifice themselves to convert another player. If the Doctor is visiting the player that the Yakuza is converting then both will live and become mafia. If the Shrink is visiting a player the Yakuza is converting then the player will not be converted.
  • Voodoo Lady – She has been hired by the Mafia to cause confusion and terror in the village. Sided with the Mafia – does not have BTSC and does not know the identity of the Mafia. At night she can visit a player and place a curse on them. During the next day if that person posts the five or more letter word or combination of words that she cursed them with they will die at days end. This death will be shown in the Day post. If she is lynched her role will appear as “Mafia”.

The Village – Win if they kill all the Mafia

  • Cop – Every night they can choose a player to investigate and will be told if they are innocent or guilty.
  • Naïve Cop – Just like the Cop, they can choose a player to investigate, but will only be told that the player is innocent unless the player is also framed. They do not know they are naïve and are only told they are a Cop.
  • Dreamer – Every night they have a dream about 3 random people and one of they will be sided with the Mafia. If they are visited at night it will disrupt their dreams.
  • Doctor – Every night they can choose a player to visit and will save that player from kills or curses.
  • Mason – Member of a secret society. Every night they can choose to visit a player and convert them to be a Mason. The converted player will lose their previous role and abilities. The Masons have BTSC and must choose who to convert by majority vote (more than 50%). Those members that voted in the majority will then visit the player of their choice at night while the rest stay behind. If the Masons visit a Mafia member they will die.
  • Jailer – Every night the Jailer can choose a player to lock up and that player will be safe from night actions and cannot perform any night actions (they can still be driven by the driver). The Jailer can send the detained person a message and receive a response at nights before days end through the host.
  • Town Drunk – Every night they can choose a player to share a drink with. That player will not perform their intended night action. The Town Drunk is not affected by the Driver and will still share drinks with their target.
  • Virgin – If the virgin is lynched during the day then no one can be killed at night. They also possess a locket. Every night they can choose a different person to place in their locket and if the Virgin dies that player's role will be revealed. This does not count as a visit.
  • Turncoat – If they are targeted by the Mafia for a Night Kill they will instead be Converted. A save by the Doctor or a visit by the Shrink will prevent that. They work at the power plant and think they are the Plant Operator.
  • Shrink – Every night they can choose a player to visit. The Shrinks visit will stop the Yakuza conversion, the Turncoat conversion, the Mason conversion and the Voodoo curse. The Shrink does not drink so is unaffected by the Town Drunk.
  • Gun Smith – Every night he can choose a player to visit and give a gun to. The next night that player can choose to hold on to their gun or use it to shot someone.
  • Granny – She already has a gun and is very paranoid in her old age. She will shoot anyone that visits her at night. If she is visited by Masons she will be converted but the Mason(s) will be shot.
  • Plant Operator – They keep the power plant running. If they are killed at night the Village will be plunged into darkness. No one will be allowed to post for the duration of the following day but must still vote by sending the host a PM with their lynch choice.

Independent – Wins if all living players have been probed when the game ends - The Alien does not need to be alive to win.

  • The Alien – Every night they choose a player to probe. This counts as a visit. The Alien receives no information from a probe besides the consistency of the target's interior.

Host's Summary

Thank you to everybody for coming out and playing this one. There were some really strange happenings this game. I made a few mistakes, but I think I recovered well. I want to thank Dr.SaaB and maurice for being so vocal and keeping it interesting. araver will get the MVP. QuickTwist only successfully probed one player and it was araver so he will get the indy win as well. I should add an Alien scene to the post.

The Masons were manipulated by the Driver otherwise they made good recruit selections and were close to achieving their secret society wincon of 3 additional members, so I want to thank them for being bold and trying to get that done.

Alternative endings: any chance you had flipped a coin for a possible tie lynch? I did flip one when it was 2 vs 2 and you lost that one too.

I would like to thank everyone that participated in this game. It was a lot of fun to do. I made some mistakes that I will blame on being away from hosting for so long, because I can. The most obvious is the inadequate role description for the Driver, which I attempted to clarify, but should have been more thought out beforehand. I also gave the Cop a result when he should have received a “not at home” response. That may have led to additional confusion and I take responsibility for that.

I especially want to thank the players that responded to my PM’s and filled out the roster quicker then would have happened if they had not. But everyone made this a success even if there were a few hiccups along the way.

I would also like to commend sparrowhawk for his successful curse. I’m sure he could have done more if given the chance. The Mafia made great use of the tools they were given to manipulate the Jailer’s targets, the Cop’s investigations and the Mason’s recruits to their advantage. The Masons made good choices for targets, but were Driven around too often to complete their wincon. Good job by QuickTwist, the Alien, in choosing a probe that allowed him to get his wincon as well. The good guys managed to lynch Mafia four days in a row. I’ve never seen that before and I thought for sure this would be a blow out win for them.

I’ll be putting together something a little different for my next hosting gig. The game dynamics are already completed; I just need to update the theme to something I like a little better. Get ready: 12 players, no kills, just win or lose and a set 7 days total playing time. I think it will be fun and may inspire other games of the same type to follow. I hope anyway.

Winning Faction

MVP: araver


  • Jay Gold - Framer
  • GMaster479 - Informant
  • Araver - Driver
  • Plasmid - Yakuza
  • SparrowHawk - Voodoo Lady

Indy: The Alien - QuickTwist

Day and Night Posts

N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5 D5 N6 D6 N7 D7

End of Game Roster

Host: Prof. Templeton

  1. sparrowhawk - Voodoo Lady - Lynched D4
  2. Quicktwist - Alien - Killed N2 by Mafia
  3. Nana7 - Naïve Cop - Killed N1 by Mafia
  4. Dr.Saab - Turncoat - Lynched D5
  5. alexey - Shrink - Killed N3 by Mafia
  6. dee - Virgin - Lynched D6
  7. akaslickster - Cop - Killed N8 by Grandma
  8. Boquise - Dreamer - Killed D3 by Voodoo Lady
  9. plasmid - Yakuza - Lynched D1
  10. Jay Gold - Framer - Lynched D2
  11. GMaster479 - Informant - Lynched D3
  12. BabyCee - Granny - Killed N8 by Mafia
  13. maurice - Doctor - Lynched D7
  14. Framm18 - Gunsmith / Mason(from N1) - Killed N6 by Mafia as Mason
  15. yuiop - Town Drunk - Killed N5 by Mafia
  16. Marquessa - Plant Operator / Mason(from N2) - Killed N4 by Mafia as Mason
  17. araver - Driver
  18. curr3nt - Mason - Killed N4 by Mafia as Mason
  19. Darth Nox - Jailer - Killed N6 by Mafia