Roles can be split into broader categories, into which most roles fall. The following is by no means an exhaustive list of role types, and many roles can be innovative combinations. But these categories usually encompass most of the roles seen in Den Mafia games.

Basic RolesEdit

These roles usually work independently:

Information Gaining rolesEdit

  • A Spy is a general term for any role that learns one or multiple of the following: the faction, role, target, or action of another player. The spy is a critical role and has been used since the origin of Mafia.
  • Role Spy - is told the role of the player targeted
  • Follow Spy (Stalker) - is told who the targeted player visited
  • Action Spy (Stalker) - is told what the targeted player did
  • Faction Spy - is told the faction of the targeted player
  • Reverse Spy - PMs the host a particular role and receive the player name.
  • RID Guesser - Periodically makes X number of RID guesses, host confirms the validity of those guesses.
  • Observer - is told who acted on a player AND who that player targeted (similar to Action Spy)
  • Receiver – Periodically receives a message from the host that discloses the identity of certain predetermined (or random) roles.
  • Death IDer – Informed about all or some of the roles that die each night.
  • Oracle - Can ask the host a certain number of Yes/No questions each day/night cycle or can learn the truth value of some statements in the game thread made by other players.

Protection / life giving rolesEdit

  • The Doctor is a standard role in Mafia typically aligned with the Goodies. His focus is to determine who the Baddies are going to attempt to Nightkill in order to keep that player from harm. (see Doctor).
  • Role Doctor – May protect a role from attack during the night. May only be try to save each role once.
  • Avenger – Selects a player each night. If that player is killed, the Avenger kills the killer.
  • Bodyguard – May save someone, however there is a drawback. Usually either the Bodyguard is able to kill the attacker, or the bodyguard must die for the person he saves.
  • Reviver / Resurrect – May bring someone back from the dead (resurrect). Usually ODTG. Beware, this role can be a problem for game stability.
  • Invulnerable (Un-lynchable / Un-killable) – Unable to be killed by a lynch, or during the night, or both. Often there is a condition that causes their invincibility such as: ‘As long as another particular role is alive’ (having a passive Bodyguard) or ‘Must be attacked by more than one source / more than once’ (more lives) or have a weakness (such as requirement to sacrifice/be the Bodyguard for someone each night). This role is often unable to be saved. (Often coupled with another ability and/or BTSC).

Elimination rolesEdit

  • Killer – May choose someone to kill during the night, but may be foiled by the Doctor role. They usually kill once per night, sometimes with restrictions, can choose not to act.
  • RID Killer – (Introduced as baddie faction ability, but nowadays used in all factions) May choose someone to kill (once per night or day) but must have the Role AND ID of the target for the kill to be successful. Usually (but not always) overrules the Doctor i.e. target cannot be saved. This is sometimes used as an outing-control by hosts.
  • Double-Crosser – (Always a Baddie) Kills the doctor if he tries to protect/save the Double-Crosser.

Faction changing rolesEdit

Faction changing/recruiting roles:

  • Traitor – (Always a Baddie) Knows the identities of all the baddies, and wins with them. But may not have BTSC until the baddies choose to recruit him. Appears to be a random innocent if spied, so long as he has not been recruited.
  • Converter - (Baddie faction role) Has the ability to convert enemies from one faction to another. More powerful than killing because not only is the enemy faction losing a player, own faction is also gaining a player. Usually the player doesn't retain their previous ability.
  • RID Recruiter – May gain BTSC with any player that he can RID OR add that person to his faction (see recruitable Indy roles).

Message rolesEdit

  • Mediator / Messenger – Chooses two roles that may send a message back and forth (or just one way) to each other through the host (courier / one-way courier). A variation: can send a message back and forth between another player (or role) and himself. Often there are a variety of restrictions and customizations, from who sends the message, how the anonymity works, how messages can get sent, can the respondent reply back, how much does the messenger get to see or know from the transaction, can the messenger edit the message, etc
  • Broadcast Messenger – May write a message that will go up with a Night/Day post. Typically, the host will limit the number of words/characters to be added. In most cases, the addition is listed explicitly as an addition to avoid misleading information in the post, while still allowing the role to anonymously communicate with the public at large

Future affecting rolesEdit

  • Future blocker
    • Passive - any player acting on him will be blocked for the next night cycle.
    • Active - the player chosen will be blocked for the next night cycle.
  • Ransomer – Takes a night action (ex. Kill), which is entered into the night post. However, the action does not occur until the following night, at which point the Ransomer may withdraw said action.

Speaking influencesEdit

  • Dentist - Selects a player during the night that will be unable to post during the day (silence).
  • Speech handicap - A role may have a handicap where they have to talk a certain way, for example, the Town Drunkard has to always pretend to be drunk.
  • Jammer - Selects a player and disrupts/jams BTSC communications for that player (for a certain period of time)

Game progressEdit

  • Predictor - this type of role has the ability to observe and make predictions about the metagame progress of the game itself. The individual properties of the role vary greatly.

Dependent RolesEdit

These roles require interaction with another role to function.

Influencing actionsEdit

  • Roleblocker (Blocker / Nullifier) - May prevent a player (rare cases, a role) from taking action. Usually, the player that was negated will get their powers back in the morning - in very rare cases it can permanently wipe an ability.
  • Trapper - Usually a blocker that is also able to save/protect his target for the night, sometimes silencing the target for the next day or gaining some information from the target (chance to spy)
  • Jailer - A rare and sometimes unbalanced role that has the ability to trap players indefinitely or until another player frees them or the Jailer dies.
  • Mirror – Chooses a player and ‘Reflects’ that player’s role ability on them (redirect on self).
  • Redirector (Target Manipulator) – May choose the target of another player's (or in rare cases role's) action, effectively overriding that player's choice and redirecting them to someone else.
  • Nullifier Prediction – Makes a number of predictions each night about specific role actions (e.g. which player a particular role will target) if any of the predictions are correct, then those actions will not occur.

Ability change/duplicate/switchEdit

  • Grave Robber – Only once, may assume the role of any deceased innocent role for the rest of the game.
  • Inheritor (Blank Slate) – No ability (vanilla) in the beginning, but automatically assumes the abilities of a particular player once they are dead or some other requirement is fulfilled.
  • Booster – may negate certain limitations in other roles. E.g allow another role that is limited to ‘any night but not two in a row’ to act during consecutive nights
  • Cloner (Role Copy/Steal) – May copy the role of another player. Variation: can steal the ability for the night, blocking the original player.
  • Chameleon – Chooses to use one player's ability on another. Restrictions include that both players must be alive and that each ability may only be used once.
  • Role switcher - A very rare role with the ability to ODTG switch two player's roles.

Defensive rolesEdit

  • Bomb – When killed, takes down his attacker with him (If an Indy, the baddies are usually given his identity)
  • Booby-trapped - If chosen/acted upon by another role, he learns the RID of that player. Variations: the booby-trapped role will kill (or block in the future) whoever chooses him, no matter what role/ability was targeted at him.

Appearance changing rolesEdit

  • Framer / Lynch Framer – Can make another player appear to be a different role if spied upon, or make a lynched player's confirmed role appear to be a different role.
  • Thief – May temporarily (usually for a night) swap roles with someone. Or just the appearance of the role if Spied upon.

Lynch Altering RolesEdit

These roles are able to sway the voting conditions in a lynch.

  • Multivoter/Extra Ballots – Also known as Self-vote manipulator. Weight of their vote could be double (x2), triple (x3), some other number (though above 3 is extremely rare and probably highly unbalanced) or even 0-weight. The multivoter may have the ability to choose their voting power from a set range, or it is fixed by host.
  • Lynch Save - This role has the ability to "pardon" lynches (usually with a once or twice only clause or some other restriction) to prevent the lynch target from dying. Sometimes they use it during the day, or during the night to apply the following day:
    • v1 – May prevent a lynch from occurring ODTG (or twice during the game)
    • v2 – Chooses a player at night, that player may not be lynched the following day.
    • v3 - RID Guesses a player each day. If guess is correct, the player may not be lynched that day (may or may not be removed from a tie)
  • Vote Manipulator – The vote manipulator has the ability to affect the vote of another player (or in rare cases, of multiple players)
  • Lynch Framer - rare role that can change the role of a player that is lynched (frame). Extremely powerful as a baddie role.

Duo RolesEdit

Pair of roles where one role hinges on the other in some way.

  • Guardian Angel – So long as this role is alive, another particular role is indestructible. (this role sometimes has BTSC or just knows the identity of the indestructible player)
  • Love/Hate Duo – A Healer and a Killer that have BTSC and work jointly. One teammate may not use their ability on the same night as the other. (various other roles could fill in for the Healer/Killer)
  • Masked Lovers – Two players that are linked in death. If one dies, the other also dies. (Some tweaks include: the players knowing or not knowing who the other is, and the players being from different factions).

Independent RolesEdit

Independent roles [often called indi/indie/indy roles or Neutral Factions or individual roles or something similar] are different because they have to operate on their own (including own win condition). Independent roles are often a complex and custom-specified mix of many role types to assist them in their usually more-complicated win conditions.

  • Collector – Kills a player and adds the victim's ability to his own collection. He may simultaneously use his kill and one other 'collected' ability at the same time. His objective is to be the last player standing.
  • Gambler – Each night, attempts to predict who will be lynched the following day. Wins if he gets it correct X number of times.
  • Hitman
    • v1 – Has specific roles that he must kill in order to win. (Suggestions: assigned various roles, or assigned to kill a particular other Independent role)
    • v2 – Uses an RID kill, must successfully kill X number of players to win.
  • Recruitable - they may have a side condition, but their main point is to join and assist a larger faction with their desirable abilities. Can cause sever balance issues.
  • Secret Duo – Combination of the Love/Hate Duo and Masked Lovers. This is a team with BTSC composed of one Baddie (a mole with BTSC) and one Goodie (one killer, one healer). Their objective is be to the last surviving players.
  • Suicidal – Wins if he can get lynched. Not allowed to call a no contest or vote for self.
  • Viral – Periodically chooses a player (or RIDs a player) that loses their ability, but gains BTSC with the Viral. The Viral WinCon is usually to infect/recruit a majority of the living players. There are usually a lot of conditionals involved, as it's a powerful ability.
  • Voodoo – RIDs a player every so often. If the Voodoo is killed, the previously RID'd player dies in his place.

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