Free Beer Mafia
Game information
Host plasmid
Link Free Beer Mafia BTSC threads
Size 9 Players (Small)
Start Date 2018-05-22
Winning Faction Baddies
Roster #, player
  1. sparrowhawk
  2. Machina
  3. maurice
  4. Hachi
  5. Slick
  6. Araver
  7. Boquise
  8. aura
  9. GMaster479
First to Die Hachi
Last Remaining Machina, Maurice, Aura, GMaster479
MVP Machina
Awards -

Free Beer Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Plasmid based on own design. Initially designed as semi-open setup for 11 players then down to 9 because of signups then down to 8 because of a permission problem requiring modkill instead of restart.

It began on May 22nd, 2018 and ended in a Baddie win in D4 (May 29th, 2018).

Game Mechanics

Initially designed for 11 players. Final version 2 warm beers (baddies), 6 cold beers (goodies), and an indy. During Night 1 there was a modkill removing 1 role and turning it into 2 vs 6 with no indy.


  • In addition to the usual daytime lynch vote, there will also be night-phase votes where you vote for one of the roles in the game to have their faction revealed at the end of the night phase. Except the kill+spy role – that one will definitely be goodie if it’s in play (which it is) because otherwise it’d be way overpowered. The rest of the rules are pretty much the usual.
  • NP shows all kill attempts (except failed RID machine gun), needed saves, blocks.
  • If a (Mimic or) Inheritor performs an action that would appear in the NP, then it appears as being performed by the Mimic or Inheritor and not the copied role.
  • Lynch shows faction and not role.
  • Tie lynch rules: Baddies have a tiebreaker ability, but if they don't use it and it's a tie then no one dies. If there's a tie vote for faction reveal, then no role gets faction revealed.

Role Description

Baddies – BTSC, group NK, group tiebreaker (can add 0.5 votes to any player each day) Wincon: Insurmountable majority

Goodies Wincon: Wipe out baddies and indy (if present (which it is))

Indy Wincon: Last standing Has one of the normal abilities, plus an ODTG RID machine gun: Name however many RIDs you want and if they’re all correct they all die. Unblockable, unredirectable, and unsaveable. But if any are incorrect then the kills all fail and you lose the ODTG.

9 Roles known (semi-open setup):

  1. Sam Adams: Kill + Role and Faction spy. All on the same target. Spies succeed only if kill succeeds.
  2. Guinness: Save. Cannot target self, but can be redirected to self and end up self-saving.
  3. Sierra Nevada: Follow spy. If you follow Beep spy, you see the first target on his list. Does not see factional abilities (including RID machine gun if an indy is present).
  4. Goose Island: Vote multiplier. x0-2 on anyone.
  5. Corona: Beep spy. Find out if there’s one baddie among a group of three targets. If redirected, the first choice of three targets gets redirected.
  6. Dos Equis: Inheritor. Gain the ability of the first player that dies. Does not affect your faction. Factional abilities (including RID machine gun if an indy is present) aren't copied.
  7. Budweiser: Coroner. Learn the role of successfully NK-ed players.
  8. Coors: Block. Appears in the NP. You’re told whether it successfully stops an action at night. It does prevent actions that would occur on the following day, but if that happens you will only be told going into the day phase that it did not stop a night action.
  9. Shiner Bock: Messenger. 300 characters max counting spaces. Smilies count as the number of characters within and including the colon tag

Extra roles NOT USED (public info)

  • Fat Tire: Redirect. Is told if he successfully redirects an action.
  • Heinekin: Mimic. Name a player during the day and gain their ability for the next night/day cycle. Each player can only be mimic’ed once. Factional abilities (including RID machine gun if an indy is present) aren't copied.

Host's Summary

Night 1 - decided to give araver a kill ability in a game where Slick is playing. I'm thinking there's about a 75% chance of an N1 goodie kill happening. There's also a chance that Slick could ESP the RID machine gun N1 with a 1/8! chance of successfully RID killing everyone else in the game. If everyone dies N1 I'll lol. Also a note for future discussion: I did not completely randomize roles to factions. Aside from the thing I said in the OP about forcing Kill + Spy to be goodie, I deliberately assigned Coroner to be baddie so the baddies would be able to fake-claim dead roles, but also deliberately made the Inheritor goodie so that if they don't think things through and try claiming the N1 NKed role then they would get busted if the inheritor is still around. For the indy I short-listed a few roles that seemed reasonable to give to the indy and let pick one, and then picked beep spy to be baddie. With these sorts of setups where the faction of each role is unknown and especially in this case when I don't know how many roles will end up being in the game until it actually starts, I think some degree of hand-picking roles to factions is reasonable and probably advisable to keep undesirable mechanics from happening. If people know that role-faction pairings aren't completely randomized then there will be some wifom about which roles are likely to be which faction, which I think is fine to do. But once each role is assigned to a faction, the assignment of players to roles has to be completely'ed, which it was for this game.

On the bright side for the baddies, the lack of an N1 NK while aura was follow spied by GM and seen acting on SH should mostly clear her in his mind.

Night 2 - This could be interesting. Hachi dies and Mach sees that he's inheritor, so the baddies think they can fake-claim inheritor safely and say that Hachi was whichever baddie role hasn't been faction revealed yet. But they wouldn't know that Hachi messaged his role to mo, and that since Hachi got NKed he probably wasn't lying, so mo would be able to bust an inheritor fake-claim. And even if mo dies before a fake-claim, he might pass Hachi's role claim on to Boq.

Edit: Well, mo's flashpost will prevent the baddies from falling into that trap of fake-claiming Hachi's role and being found out. But it will at least establish him as pretty much cleared, unless he was baddie and got messaged by Hachi and knew it and was planning to kill him and fake-claim his role immediately. But that would be a difficult farce to pull off because in that scenario Hachi (the messenger in this multi-verse) would still be able to message N2 and mo (a baddie who figured out Hachi's role and tried to fake-claim it) would have no idea who Hachi messaged or what he said. And wouldn't be able to message anyone else for the rest of the game.

Also, people are almost for sure going to think that the vote manip is a baddie now. Mafia is indeed not a game of perfect logicians wearing white and black hats making deductions.

Night 3 - Had mo been successfully NKed, Mach would have coronered him and GM would have been told that Mach acted on mo. As it is, mo will have messaged every goodie except SH and have claims from each of them. Although claims in this game don't mean a whole lot, as long as they're not coroner after this faction flip.

This was a weird one in many ways. No N1 NK attempt. Two counterclaiming players on D3 in a lylo situation and neither of them get lynched. And a goof on my part that got araver killed and turned Slick goodie.

That said, it sure looked fun on D3. At least if by "fun" you mean "like the people in the game are gonna have some sort of meltdown and I'm sure glad I'm sitting back here in omniscience land." It was a baddie win despite the lack of N1 NK attempt and the save N3, which normally would make me think that the design might be imbalanced. Things worked sort of like I wanted -- the lack of faction alignment info for each role left the baddies with a way of handling a mass claim scenario other than the usual RID kills or such, although there was still enough information around to piece things together. If people had been more trusting of Boq and GM, then it would've been a D3 Machina lynch and then a question of whether people would go after aura for scumminessness or figure that there's no way I would make the Beep spy be a baddie role. And I've got to attribute the lack of a Machina lynching D3 to his playing in a goodie mindset while holding a baddie role well enough to be convincing. So for that, he gets MVP. But I'll still plan to not have all of the roles be an unknown faction in Poltergeist II.

Winning Faction


  • Machina - Budweiser
  • Aura - Corona

MVP: Machina

Day and Night Posts

Intro N1 Modkill N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4

End of Game Roster


  1. Sparrowhawk - Coors - lynched D3
  2. Machina - Budweiser
  3. Maurice - Shiner Bock
  4. Hachi - Dos Equis - NKed N2
  5. Slick - Goose Island (Indy transformed to Goodie during N1 to balance the game) - lynched D2
  6. Araver - Sam Adams - modkilled N1 before posting, because had permissions to view baddie BTSC.
  7. Boquise - Guinness - NKed N4
  8. Aura - Corona
  9. GMaster479 - Sierra Nevada