Glitch Mafia II
Game information
Host GMaster479 & Araver
Link Game thread: Glitch Mafia II BTSC threads
Size 27 Players (SuperSize)
Start Date 26.07.2011
Winning Faction Apple (Glitch Other Faction)
Roster 1. Fox

2. Framm
3. Slick
4. Vineetrika
5. EDM (onetruth)
6. BrandonB (Lionheart)
7. Limey
8. RainThinker
9. Hirkala
10. sparrowhawk
11. Aaryan
12. Auramyna
13. Marquessa(Medji)
14. DarthMask
15. Akriti
16. benjer3
17. Nana7
18. Not24 (Thalia)
19. Golfjunkie (Yuli)
20. Phaze
21. solman
22. maurice
23. KlueMaster
24. Anon26
25. curr3nt
26. darth nox
27. Shadow7

First to Die Akriti
Last Remaining 10. sparrowhawk

16. benjer3
26. darth nox

MVP maurice
Awards -

Glitch Mafia II: All I wanted to do was rule the Internet was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 and Araver based on original design, following the ideas in Glitch Mafia.

It began on July 26th, 2011 and ended in an Apple (Glitch Other Faction) win in N10 (August 17th).

Game Mechanics


Order of Precedence (see here what that meansOOP): Traps > Blocks > Steal >Redirects > Account Framing > Kills (including NK) > Spies. Order of Precedence is ONLY used when TWO (2) players target each other. E.g. A tries to block B who tries to trap A. trap > block so B traps A.

Tie Lynch Rules: Day 1 tie = no lynch, Other days: all in tie lynched

Other FAQ: 1. What actions appear in night post? Successful Blocks, Redirects, Traps, Saves and Kills will appear in the Night Posts
2. What is steal action? The player who steals will block his target + gets to use the ability the target had in the next night / cycle.
3. What is account framing? Account framing is a Twice-during-the-game delayed kill ability. If a player who was targeted succesfully with account framing is not saved in the next 2 cycles by David Ebersman (who can fix an account on even nights), then the player is arrested for fraud (eliminated from game /killed). The Account Framing/Fix is basically a pair of arch-nemesis roles much like Virus Implant / Virus Specialist in Glitch Mafia. Per Glitch I rules (and barring outside influences on the actions): If the Account Fixer tries to fix the account at the same time (Same night) when the Baddie attempts to mess it up, the account ends up clean (i.e. the account is messed up then fixed back to its original status in the same night) 4. If A Blocks B; B Blocks C; C Kills D, the night post would show: Role A blocks Player B and Role C kills Player D ?Yes.
5. What is Zuckerburg's powerplay? Powerplaying means replacing / overwritting one's action with his own choice of action (as in regular BTSC see Powerplayed on the wiki). The RID Powerplay ability means that if the RID guess is correct, Zuckerburg's choice of action is done instead of the target's submitted choice. E.g. of action: RID Powerplay Christopher Cox as X: Spy Y. If RID is correct (i.e. X is Cox) then X spies Y instead of whoever he tried/wanted to spy.
6. How do redirects work? Most redirects are "passive" per GM's rules which I have found to mean: a person is redirected to a target chosen by and unknown by the redirector. E.g. Redirect X (instead of Redirect X to Y). Only active redirect is Chamath's 75% chance redirect. Redirected spies are notified that they've been redirected i.e. if they spy A and are redirected to B will be told "B's role (faction, target) is ...".

Role Description

Google – 6 Baddies WinCon: Be in Majority. Have Night Kill and BTSC.

  • Larry Page: Former and now the current CEO of Google - Knows how to work his way back to the top even after leaving to get a degree. Can spy odd nights, block even nights (Spy/Block)
  • Eric Schmidt: CEO from 2001-2011 - Knows how to move companies up to the top. Can block odd nights, spy even nights. (Block/Spy)
  • Sergey Brin: Co-Founder of Google - Still has a good deal of control in the company. (Redirect)
  • Nikesh Arora: CBO - A former T-Mobile Executive who is great at stealing information from phones. (Steal Action)
  • David Drummond: Chief Legal Officer - Great at bargaining and making transactions. (Can change 2 votes per day)
  • Patrick Pichette: CFO. Twice during the game can attempt mess with employee bank account. If mistakes aren’t noticed in 2 days, player will be arrested/killed. (Account Framing)

Facebook - 16 Goodies. WinCon: Eliminate the Competition (all factions)

  • Mark Zuckerburg, CEO of Facebook – He sets the overall direction and product strategy and can directly intervene to change the course whenever he feels like it (RID Powerplay of any current or former employee)
  • Christopher Cox, VP of Product – former software engineer, director of HR and now responsible for organizing product strategy. He still takes the time to meet one hour with each new employee. (Spy. If Zuckerburg gets killed, he gains an RID Kill)
  • Matt Cohler, VP of Strategy and Business Operations - He has a keen eye for investment opportunities and can take a person to lunch each day to discuss future deals (Trap for the next day)
  • Sheryl Sandberg – former VP of Google, currenly Chief Operating Officer for Facebook – She knows what needs to be done, so don’t get in her path (Kill)
  • Mike Schroepfer – current VP of Engineering, formerly VP of Engineering at Mozilla, responsible with Firefox’s development – He knows how to get things done, but also knows when the time is right to slow down the enthusiasm and build with care (Block)
  • Dustin Moskovitz - co-founder and former VP of Engineering – His position still allows him to subtly influence key elements – can save someone from disaster once per night. Can save self only once. Can not save the same person two nights in a row. (Save)
  • Chamath Palihapitiya, VP of Growth, Mobile and International – He takes a shot at grabbing the mobile market. Each night he can redirect a person with a 75% chance of the redirect going through and a 25% chance his move is revealed to the target and the redirect fails (Potential redirect)
  • Gideon Yu - VP and CFO - a specialist of big investments and tough negotiations, can PM the host to change a vote behind the scenes each day (Vote redirect)
  • Chris Kelly - VP of Corporate Development, Chief Privacy Officer, General Counsel – His past cooperation allows him to influence the Attorney General’s office. Role will be revealed but the lynchee will not die. (RID Save Lynch)
  • Dan Rose - VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing – He knows how to make ideas grow and how to convince others. You don’t want to mess with him. Anyone acting on him will be blocked/forget their action for the next cycle (either day-action or night-action) (Future block)
  • David Ebersman - Chief Financial Officer - He leads the finance and facilities teams. Odd night: can choose a subset of players and will be told if their accounts are in order. Even night: can attempt to fix a player’s bank account to eliminate any mistakes. (Account Check/Fix)
  • Bret Taylor - current CTO, former co-creator of Google Maps, struggles to leverage emerging technologies and ensure a long-term technical domination (Action Spy)
  • Lori Goler - VP of Human Resources and Recruiting – Responsible for growing and retaining the Facebook team, she knows what’s on everyone’s mind (Faction Spy)
  • Andrew McCollum - Facebook’s first graphic artist – When he gets inspiration, he goes into hiding to finish his works of art (Can’t die at night.)
  • Chris Hughes - Co-founder and initial spokesman for Facebook (Adds a message to either a day or night post)
  • Sean Parker - former employer at Napster and Facebook’s informal advisor, first President – Has a knack for sticking his nose into other people’s stuff at night (Spy)

Twitter – Indy #1. Wincon - Outlive Facebook. Has BTSC

  • Dick Costolo, current CEO and former employee at Google - His work on improvisational comedy allows him to go unnoticed by others and get information when needed (Spy)
  • Jack Dorsey, Chairman and creator of Twitter, first CEO - His drive for simplicity can influence the others. He can choose to block or redirect a person each night. (Block or Redirect)
  • Evan Williams, Co-Founder and second CEO - He will do what it takes to protect Twitter from giants (RID Kill odd nights)

Bing/Microsoft - Indy #2. Wincon - Outlive Google. Has BTSC

  • Stefan Weitz, Head of Bing - He knows that faster doesn’t always equal smarter and can wait patiently for his turn (Spy odd nights. RID Kill even nights.)
  • Dave Coplin, Director of Search - He has worked across a wide range of sectors and customers providing strategic advice and guidance and he can call in a favor per night. (Dice roll: 1 – Save, 2 – Block, 3 – Spy, 4 - Kill, 5 – Redirect, 6 – Choice of action )

Host's Summary

Host's Notes

This was one heck of a game. For being so large and so well thought out on both mine and araver's part, it went nothing like as planned. Let's start however with how I planned on it going. First of all you should have noted that the game "seemed" unbalanced. In larger games the goodies should NEVER have as big of a majority as they had in this game because given enough time any goodie faction should figure enough out to win. So by adding the WINCON of having to eliminate all factions (including the Glitch one) and by having an RID saver to promote outing roles at the end of the day that SH could use for his RID recruit would help balance out the game. Also Twitter complained to me multiple times about their wincon being seemingly impossible and thought the Glitch would help them out. They were right because inadvertently by setting it up where Apple would recruit FB members, Twitter's wincon would become easier without them knowing it. However like I said, things didn't go as planned.

When gave sparrowhawk the Glitch role, I saw it as a blessing and a curse. SH is the reigning Best Mafia Player, meaning that he would probably find out a way to play the role and give the Glitch a shot of working. However...SH was always a target in games for the title of best Mafia Player and if Google decided to kill him N1 I was going to have to create havoc myself. But thankfully SH pulled it off in...the most boring way possible. I wanted a game where you would have people you were sure to be members of your faction making RID kills on your own team and seeing night posts with these actions that made no sense. I wanted lots and lots of deaths to be honest , but sparrowhawk's minions didn't carry out a kill until N10 because he was blocked or incorrect seemingly every night. However despite how quiet he played the Glitch role that I expected to be loud and mind-boggling it obviously worked and got him a very solid Glitch faction win .

Google overall was very much scattered throughout the game. Having to find multiple replacements throughout the game on top of Yuli making the most amazing N1 kill ever and knocking the Googlers down to 5 members was really tough. Aaryan and Aura tried their best but being quite honest it was probably just out of their reach. ALSO of note, can someone please check the Mafia History for ANY game where a BADDIE died N1 and NOT a goodie. Usually its just the opposite so I think this is a mafia first

Facebook did a pretty good job overall. I was disappointed by the lack of action from some people in the game because they really had shots to win this game. Bb was doing a great job being our replacement Mark Zuckerburg and with Yuli's N1 kill I could have sworn that facebook was going to run away with this game. However if actions were used more often and more effectively overall this could've been a facebook victory. You inactives all know who you are.

Twitter was a strong faction. Solman did a great job leading the faction despite his obsessive glitch questions and I think that if the Glitch really got going/didn't get blocked from recruiting FB people that they really would have had a shot. However once solman started getting outed the Twitterers were done. Bing's wincon wasn't too tough because it really just meant partneringbut staying alive obviously was going to be the difficult part of winning and unfortunately neither Vine or DM lasted long enough.

Overall, this game was really fun and despite less Glitch talk/actions than I would've liked to see, the secret Apple faction did win and it seems you all have to go buy Macs now.

MVP and Rep

_maurice as Dustin Moskovitz is MVP. Sparrowhawk did a great job this game but its hard for me to award MVP to someone just who just avoiding dying and getting blocked 5 times. Before getting lynched, maurice chose the correct person to save 3 times in a row in a game of 27 people. I don't know whether it was skill or luck but I have to give it to him for that

Sparrowhawk and benjer3 will be receiving a win in the 'other faction' category and gaining 3 rep points each for successfully completing actions as a member of Apple. Phaze and darthnox will gain 2 rep points for being members of the winning team and also can chalk up a win in the other column even though DN's win is only possible because SH was nice enough to RID recruit him.

Glitch and Fake-Glitch

From the beginning of the design phase, the Glitch was supposed to be a single (fifth) secret faction. GM had the whole idea as a cornerstone, so we only added Google / Facebook / Twitter/ Bing abilities in an attempt to balance the glitch. As we recognized that a single member faction was very fragile, we extended a 3 cycle (till D3) invulnerability on the glitch leader and a fake identity to protect from spies, steals and RID Kills. However, post-game, and after seeing a streak of 5 correct RID recruits broken by 4 blocks, I've realized that the glitch faction's growth was very easy to stall by the others - the fake identity of a spy has made SH the target of a lot of blocks. In retrospect, I would have made the recruit ability completely unblockable. The compromise 50% change of getting RID results was not what I had in mind. The impact on the actual game was minimal, but a few correctly RID players who died the same night would have won as (dead) Apples.

GM had the idea of dropping hints, and added the APPLE keyword to the Prologue (first letter of each paragraph). We've since kept the same type of hints while writing night and day posts ... STEVE JOBS IS THE GLITCH AND HAS AN RID RECRUIT. Other hints in night-post titles did not actually get used since besides N3 Postcard which announced SH recruited Phaze, there was no actual Glitch kill till Night 10/end of game. Ghosts were not omniscient in this game, and were invited to guess the glitch (minus the Apple ghosts). No one managed a full guess, partially because they were confused by claims made by Phaze as a ghost in the ghost thread or SH as a player in the game thread. Finally the prize was split between Brandonb and RainThinker for closest guesses.

During the day, at a random time, a fake-glitch happened(i.e. in no way related to the real glitch - Apple faction) - votes cast on a player were replaced by "???". We opted for this fake glitch because:

  • Removing votes cast on a player and replacing them with ??? has been used in the past in games (as an ability). It usually implies someone "capturing" or protecting a person during the day.
  • In Glitch Mafia, the ghosts had the ability of clearing an entire roster once during the day (this was the fake-glitch of that game).

So, in this game, we've combined the two, to encourage playersto think the vote changing was directed BTSC by someone (ghosts) - so it was an informed decision - or as a passive or active secret ability (related to the glitch). But instead, it was fake, only a selection of 1 "protected" player among the voted players.


Long synopsis of the main events of each cycle, along with the host comments:

Special commendations

There was a lot of confusion and paranoia expected for a Glitch game and a lot did not go as the host's predicted / expected. A few players managed to have a very big impact on the game and each could have led to their team's victory with a small dose of luck:

  • In the beginning, maurice managed a streak of 3 saves before becoming a martyr. This, coupled with Yuli's successful gamble led to a very good starting position for Facebook. However, maurice had been unluckily spied by Baddies since N1, and no one wanted to spy/clear him in any way. His lynch kinda put an end to FB domination on the night-phase since without him, the FB killer died on the next night, and during the days, Facebook managed a very bad streak of lynching their own members, with both FB roles with a day-ability were mostly inactive.
  • Phaze managed to make the best of a very weird role. He used the 25% chance to fail perfectly, in an attempt to signal - that's what got him recruited to Apple. Unfortunately, he was not a direct ID gathering role and by the time he was recruited, those he could have RID Killed had already died.
  • RainThinker and Brandonb played a very nice game of cat and mouse which pushed Facebook mid-game. Bb replaced an inactive and managed to take full control of the RID powerplay role and stay out of public trouble for a while. Unfortunately, he did not get to powerplay the dead goodie killer and continue the streak of hits against Google, as his fellow FB member lynched him D5. RainThinker managed to avoid KlueMaster's accusations, defended successfully several days in a row and managed to inherit the RID Kill and put it to good use. Unfortunately, as it goes in Mafia, this put him on baddies map and his streak was stopped abruptly by Google.
  • Another unlucky player who could have almost won was Vineetrika. She managed to Spy and attempt RID Kill on two Google (one correct, and one she managed to lynch after being blocked), but after Twitter's obsessive blocks/redirects and after being spied by both Twitter and Google, she had no chance of surviving without her teammate. In retrospect, seeing how Bing was taken out so easily, I feel an inheritance mechanism was needed to balance the fragility in numbers. I feel Bing was practically the only faction that actually played according to it's WinCon, trying to outlive Google.
  • And of course, Sparrowhawk - who did actually win, unlike the unlucky ones above. There's little to be said. His ID collecting skills were very good and he managed a correct streak of RID recruits. After being blocked 4 out of 5 consecutive nights, he changed his approach from "safe" RIDs to gambles trying to get a Twitterer or a Google who could maximize damage turning knowledge into RID Kills. Partially outed himself, and then returned to the safe RID policy just in time for a superb ending - basically he won it for his whole (recruited) team. Yes, there was some luck involved, just a bit - he was not killed by Google. Despite all his moves and all our protective abilities, he could and should have been stopped. See, both Google and Twitter spied him as an FB spy. And while Twitter tried to RID him (and couldn't), Google did not and left the alleged-spy around to live for a very long time *shrug*.

Winning Faction

APPLE (Glitch Other Faction)

  • sparrowhawk - Sean Parker/Steve Jobs
  • Phaze - Chamath Palihapitiya - formerly Facebook - Recruited N3
  • benjer3 - Andrew McCollum - formerly Facebook - Recruited N9
  • darth nox - Gideon Yu - formerly Facebook - Recruited N10

MVP: Maurice

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Glitch Masters: GMaster479 and Araver

  1. Fox - Evan Williams - Removed N8 by Google
  2. Framm - Lori Goler - Saved from lynch D1, Removed N2 by Baddies
  3. Slick - Jack Dorsey - Removed N7 by Google
  4. Vineetrika - Stefan Weltz - Removed N7 by Evan Williams
  5. EDM (onetruth) - David Ebersman - Lynched D8
  6. BrandonB (Lionheart) - Marq Zuckerburg - Lynched D5
  7. Limey - Nikesh Arora - Removed N6 by Stefan Weltz
  8. RainThinker - Christopher Cox - Removed N6 by Google
  9. Hirkala - Chris Kelly - Removed N4 by Nikesh
  10. sparrowhawk - Sean Parker/Steve Jobs
  11. Aaryan - Larry Page - Removed N4 by Sheryl Sandberg
  12. Auramyna - Eric Schmidt - Lynched D9
  13. Marquessa (Medji) - Sergey Brin - Lynched D7
  14. DarthMask - Dave Coplin - Removed N3 after account had been tampered with
  15. Akriti – David Drummond - Removed N1 by Sheryl Sandberg
  16. benjer3 - Andrew McCollum - formerly Facebook, recruited N9
  17. Nana7 - Mike Schroepfer - Lynched D2
  18. Not_24 (Thalia) - Patrick Pachette - Lynched D4
  19. Golfjunkie (Yuli) - Sheryl Sandberg - Removed N4 by Google
  20. Phaze - Chamath Palihapitiya - Removed N5 by Google, formerly Facebook, recruited N3
  21. solman - Dick Costolo - Removed N6 by Chris Cox
  22. maurice - Dustin Moskovitz - Lynched D3
  23. KlueMaster - Bret Taylor - Arrested in N4 after account had been tampered with
  24. Anon26 - Matt Cohler - Removed N10 by Apple
  25. curr3nt - Chris Hughes - Lynched D6
  26. darth nox - Gideon Yu - formerly Facebook, recruited N10
  27. Shadow7 - Dan Rose - Removed N9 by Google