Some games are based somewhat on Mafia but are different, either by changing the initial Mafia game paradigm (informed minority vs. uninformed majority) or by replacing/altering game mechanics - different cycles, different voting styles, etc.

Definition and differences

These games are referred to as Hybrid Mafia Games (or Hybrids) as long as the games still strongly resemble classical Mafia games. There is no proposed algorithm to discern between a Hybrid Mafia Game and a completely non-Mafia Game, the highest impact is still the community's perception towards it. Themed Games, where the game mechanics are essentially Mafia, but the story and roles follow a particular universe (movie, book, TV Series etc), are still considered Mafia Games, not Hybrids.

Some Hybrid games are clearly recognizable as non-classical Mafia (but still Mafia games) if game mechanics (cycles, voting) is almost the same, but the roles, factions and wincons change the "primary question" of the game. slightly. Examples:

  • In classical Mafia, the underlying question of the game is "Who are the good guys?"
  • In a 4-Faction Mafias (or more factions), the underlying question is either "Who are my teammates and how can we eliminate the other factions?" or "How can we recruit more people" or "Which alliances will leave me alive at the end?"

The distinction between Hybrid games and non-Mafia Games is fuzzy and still not well defined. Basically, all games that come from a different universe/type of game and "force" Mafia elements on top (but not the whole paradigm or game mechanics) are deemed to be non-Mafia Games.


2-Faction Games

2-Faction Games if:

  • game involves 2 main factions typically equal in number
  • with or without a pool of Indies that can be recruited to either side

with or without a board. Examples:

4-Faction Games

4-Faction Games if:

  • game involves 4 factions of approximately equal size (e.g. 4 factions of 3 players for a total of 12 players.
  • with or without a pool of Indies that can be recruited to either side
  • with or without a board.


All-Indy Games

If all the players are playing independently and may team-up or ally as long as wincons are not mutually exclusive. Examples: