Looney Tunes Mafia
Game information
Host Curr3nt & Araver
Link Looney Tunes Mafia
Size 16 Players (Medium)
Start Date 26.06.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1. Aaryan

2. Hirkala
3. Molly Mae
4. Anon26
5. KlueMaster
6. EDM (Peace*out)
7. Auramyna
8. flamebirde
9. Medji
10. Akriti
11. Thalia
12. TheCube
13. YoDell
14. Hidden G
15. maurice
16. darth nox (pizzaboy)

First to Die flamebirde
Last Remaining 1. Aaryan

4. Anon26
5. KlueMaster
6. EDM (Peace*out)
10. Akriti
11. Thalia
12. TheCube
13. YoDell
14. Hidden G
15. maurice
16. darth nox (pizzaboy)

MVP Molly Mae (a.k.a. Yuli
Awards Nominated for Best Mafia Game 2011

Looney Tunes Mafia was a game designed by Curr3nt and hosted by Curr3nt and Araver based on Looney Tunes characters.

It began on June 26th, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win in D4 (July 6th, 2011).

Game Mechanics


  • OOA: Redirect >> RID Recruit > Save >> Trap >> RID Kill > Kill > Spy
  • For same type actions: Indy >> Baddie > Goodie
  • Tie votes means no lynch (any day)
  • Night post will contain the following:
    • Baddie Role + Goodie Role if Goodie is archnemesis (Baddie will not know the target name to determine if redirected or not)
    • RID Kill - Actor Role + target name + success/failure
    • Spy - Actor Role
    • Trap - Actor Role + target name if success (See Save if applies)
    • Kill - Actor Role + target name
    • Save - Actor Role + target name + Actor Role saved against (A player targeted for a Save and a RID Kill will appear to be saved even if the RID Kill is incorrect)
    • Redirect - Nothing
    • RID Recruit - Nothing

Role Description

Goodies: WinCon - Eliminate the Baddies

  • Bugs Bunny : Roll 6 Sided Die: (1) Save, (2) Spy, (3) Trap (Block and Save), (4) Redirect, (5) Vote Mod(another) x0-x2, (6) Kill. If spied by Baddie or Goodie appears as a random goodie not dead. (Can appear as himself)
  • Duck Dodgers : RID Kill or one RID Recruit to BTSC. BTSC with Tweety
  • Tweety : Spy - Baddies appear as "Putty tat" except for Sylvester. BTSC with Duck Dodgers
  • Road Runner : Alternates Save or Spy with Speedy - Cycle set at the start of the game. Can choose action if Speedy dies (Will be notified when Speedy dies)
  • Foghorn Leghorn : Redirect - cannot target the same target in a row. Fails if target is Barnyard Dawg - Will be notified if this happens
  • Speedy Gonzales : Alternates Save or Spy with Road Runner - Cycle set at the start of game. Can choose action if Road Runner dies (Will be notified when Road Runner dies)
  • Pepe Le Pew : Trap (Block and Save)
  • Porky Pig : Vote Mod(self) x0-x2
  • Michigan J Frog : No action. Takes 2 kill/lynch to die
  • Barnyard Dawg : Redirect - cannot target the same target in a row. Fails if target is Foghorn Leghorn - Will be notified if this happens

Baddies: WinCon: Gain Majority (BTSC - No Night Kill). RID Kill is passed to a random baddie upon death - Last baddie can only have one RID Kill.
Vulnerable to archnemesis: If a baddie acts (after redirects) against their nemesis then their action fails and they lose their next night action: Elmer => Bugs; Marvin => Dodger; Sylvester => Tweety; Wile => Road Runner; Henery => Foghorn

  • Elmer Fudd : RID Kill
  • Marvin the Martian : Spy
  • Sylvester : Trap (Block and Save)
  • Wile E Coyote : Roll 12 Sided Die: (1-3) No Action, (4-5) Spy, (6-7) Trap (Block and Save), (8-9) Vote Mod(self) x0-x2, (10-11) Redirect, (12) Kill
  • Henery Hawk : RID Kill

Indy: WinCon: Cause 3 different archnemesis redirects (Baddie -> Goodie). Can only earn one redirect a night. Must live through the lynch after the 3rd redirect success. Indy winning ends the game

  • Tazmanian Devil : Redirect x3 each night. Secret ability.

Host's Summary


A big thanks to all the players. The activity was insane and greatly appreciated. Also very big thanks to Araver for his willingness to co-host and help me through this. You can definitely tell which posts he wrote.

Special commendations

  • As for MVP... Molly was definitely the favorite player to watch. He got very lucky ( I figure he had a 7% chance to do what he did N1 ) and then was able to make enough sense to pick three different baddies to redirect N2. It's unfortunate that he couldn't convince the goodies for a tie but such is Mafia.
  • I do want to through out a bit of note to Akriti and TheCube. You might not be aware of this but you did a good job recovering from the role outing. Baddies mostly had your roles reverse when all was said and done. They thought Cube's initial claim of Tweety was WIFOM and your posts following helped support that.

Thank you all for playing! You were very active in this game, and that’s the best gift a host can ever get. This game was tremendously fun to host, even if it went on an unexpected, low-chance path (as considered by the designers). But this only proves that Mafia is not a host-driven story, it is a game - the story and outcome is shaped by players. We’ve enjoyed reading your posts and BTSC comments and popcorn-ed a lot about your actions. Now, for the usual end of game spoilers ..

Indeed N1 may have set the game on a lucky path for the Indy though he did not know who was who among the 3 and always had to discover at least half a pair by deduction. But IMO, lucky N1 or not, the real turning point was D1 outing as it gave the Indy unprecedented (at least from my PoV) info as early as D1. So, yes, per original design, his redirects controlled the night. Which is something not really expected by any of us.

As a side-note, we've actually discussed anyone pulling a "curr3nt move" (from Tombstone Mafia) e.g. getting all goodies to cooperate and out themselves to the Indy somehow, in order to give him absolute power over baddies. This is why the Indy wincon was decided to end the game preventing any sudden tie. Longer, elaborated ties were still possible, and I don't really regret leaving that in, since it lead to an interesting alliance/backstabbing.

However, as Molly pointed out, he could have betrayed in N3 and get his second archnemesis redirect and then leave 2 vote redirects for the next day (e.g two attempts to guess a Porky or getting lucky with Bugs or Wile getting a vote manip). Redirecting two vote manips his way might have given him control of the lynch - given enough inactivity, - there were only 10 votes cast on D3. His vote + x2 + x2 means 5 not really enough for a (lucky) tie in the lynch. And yes, we had a great time when he redirected Road Runner to self while the Road Runner was already saving him.

The baddies however stood no chance after the end of N3. The Redirect >> all actions and inability to kill Taz directly without getting redirected made all their knowledge kinda pointless. Weird butterfly effect since the massive goodies outing, without Taz, would have led to a quick win for the baddies. Earlier than N3, they could have tried to vote on D2 and save Medji - secret vote manips were against this - there was a 3 vote gap, not enough to make a tie ... but they did not even try i.e. 2 baddies did not vote. Also, they tried a not-acting trick far too late IMO. This might have worked with better results in N2. Timezone differences made it very hard to coordinate on a plan like that which involved all baddies acting like a group *shrug* Also, there was no leading voice - in my heavily biased opinion - they did not reach a mutual trust/momentum which is usually a part of Baddies BTSC - get a plan early on, stick to it, only correct it if absolutely necessary (not just by having a slightly different opinion), synchronize implementing the plan (including flash-voting and such), etc. There were a lot of clever suggestions, but most did not gain enough support to be implemented.

We were kinda worried that our Writer/Animator backstory would not get noticed e.g. the coffee mug. It started as a playful twist and served as a backbone of their relationship. That was very fun. In day 3, the Animator buys a new one, the Writer is still in possession of the original mug. Day 4 - the Writer grabs the coffee mug just before leaving while the Animator is using the new one (and taking over the Writer's job). There's room for Episode 2 if needed "The mug strikes back" and what not.

Winning Faction


  • Aaryan - Barnyard Dawg
  • Anon26 - Michigan J Frog
  • EDM - Bugs Bunny
  • flamebirde - Pepe le Pew - Lynched D1
  • Akriti - Duck Dodgers
  • Thalia - Road Runner
  • TheCube - Tweety
  • Hidden G - Porky Pig
  • maurice - Foghorn Leghorn
  • darth nox - Speedy Gonzales

MVP: Molly Mae

Day and Night Posts

End of Game Roster

Hosts: Curr3nt & Araver

  1. Aaryan - Barnyard Dawg
  2. Hirkala - Henery Hawk - Lynched D3
  3. Molly Mae - Taz - Lynched D4
  4. Anon26 - Michigan J Frog
  5. KlueMaster - Wile E Coyote
  6. EDM - Bugs Bunny
  7. Auramyna - Marvin the Martian - Killed N3
  8. flamebirde - Pepe le Pew - Lynched D1
  9. Medji - Elmer Fudd - Lynched D2
  10. Akriti - Duck Dodgers
  11. Thalia - Road Runner
  12. TheCube - Tweety
  13. YoDell - Sylvester
  14. Hidden G - Porky Pig
  15. maurice - Foghorn Leghorn
  16. darth nox - Speedy Gonzales