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Mafia is an epic game of skill, persuasion, deception, strategy, participation, cruelty and cunning. It is a contest of wits; a championship of cleverness. It is intense, unforgiving, relentless, dominating and amazing. Some people have had Mafia dreams. Some people drive across the city to get better wireless to play Mafia. People ignore their workload to play Mafia. Mafia is addicting. Mafia is fun. Mafia is wickedly cool, awesome and pulse-poundingly exciting. If a game is designed well and hosted well and played well, it can be a work of art.

>> Read the Newbies' Guide to Mafia and other guides for more information.

>> If you are more familiar with Mafia Scum style, please read the transitional Scum Mafia to Den Mafia guide where you will find out the main differences!

Completed Games on MafiaManiac

>> Completed Games: each game on MafiaManiac has its own page on this wiki with Game Mechanics, Roles, Actions, Links to the original game and BTSC threads and the "Host's Cut" - revealing insights on the game from the Host's perspective.

  • JourneyQuest Mafia Season 1 hosted by AraverGo to JourneyQuest Mafia Season 1
  • A Mafia Carol 2017 Edition hosted by BoquiseGo to A Mafia Carol 2017 Edition
  • Angel Mafia IV: Season 3 hosted by AraverGo to Angel Mafia IV
  • Nightmare before Mafia: Director's Cut hosted by AraverGo to Nightmare before Mafia: Director's Cut
  • Divergent Mafia hosted by Jay GoldGo to Divergent Mafia
  • Halloween Mafia VIII hosted by GMaster479Go to Halloween Mafia VIII
  • Stranger Things Mafia hosted by maurice|link = Stranger_Things_Mafia
  • Duck Mafia hosted by BoquiseGo to Duck Mafia
  • Anti-Theme Mafia II hosted by Prof. TempletonGo to Anti-Theme Mafia II
  • Pokemon GO Mafia hosted by GMaster479Go to Pokemon GO Mafia
  • Hatoful Mafia hosted by OkosanGo to Hatoful Mafia
  • Star Wars Mafia: Alternate Endings II hosted by DarthMaskGo to Star Wars Mafia: Alternate Endings II
  • Mafia Noir II hosted by mauriceGo to Mafia Noir II
  • College Football Power 5 Mafia hosted by VommackGo to College Football Power 5 Mafia
  • The Hateful Eight Mafia hosted by BoquiseGo to The Hateful Eight Mafia
  • Poltergeist Mafia hosted by plasmidGo to Poltergeist Mafia
  • Toy Soldiers 2 hosted by plasmidGo to Toy Soldiers 2
  • Slick's Kitchen Mafia 4Go to Slick's Kitchen Mafia 4
  • Fast Food Wars IVGo to Fast Food Wars IV
  • The Side-Quest Mafia hosted by GubbeyGo to The Side-Quest Mafia
  • Anime Girl Sleeper Mafia hosted by CoolkidGo to Anime Girl Sleeper Mafia
  • Disney's Descendants Mafia hosted by Jay GoldGo to Disney's Descendants Mafia
  • Pacific Rim Mafia hosted by CoolkidGo to Pacific Rim Mafia
  • Two Rooms and a Boom hosted by ???Go to Two Rooms and a Boom
  • Halloween Mafia VII hosted by GMaster479Go to Halloween Mafia VII
  • Pirate: Mutiny Mafia hosted by BoquiseGo to Pirate: Mutiny Mafia
  • Battle of Wits 2 hosted by AuraGo to Battle of Wits 2
  • Amalgamated Video Game Battle 2 by CoolkidGo to Amalgamated Video Game Battle 2

History of Mafia


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>> History of Mafia: Besides MafiaManiac there are several other Mafia forums where Mafia games have been played in this format. This wiki has a history of all the games since the beginning, split into many eras.

>> Special Project: Recovering a complete list and further information on the lost Mafia Games from MafiaManiac on IPBFree. Look in the Lost Era category to see which games have been partially recovered so far.


Because here you will find everything you need to quickly and effectively learn the game of Mafia, meet other players & understand the history of the MafiaManiac (MM) site!

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