Mafiosphere (mOs) is a Mafia-playing community forum spawned from the BrainDen Mafia-playing community during era 3. Started by Sinistral and hosted on an IPB forum. In February 2009 the whole community from Incognito along with other newcomers from BD moved permanently to Mafiosphere (mOs).

Current address is:

Status: DEAD / Domain is no longer registered

Brief History

In February 2009, after only 2 games, Sinistral proposed the move to:

  • a newprivate subdomain
  • a more familiar IPB-style forum (such as BrainDen)
  • private hosting (as opposed to free hosting) - no ads and total control over forum features and database access.

The community of Incognito debated on the proposed move and a poll settled the majority opinion in favor of the move. Unfortunately, the Database from Incognito could not be retrieved and converted so Mafiosphere started from scratch.

Administrative team

List of Games

The complete list of games can be found in the following eras:



The Mafiosphere rules state: "Do not post links to MafiOsphere or invite anyone to MafiOsphere without obtaining prior permission from an administrator. Failure to abide by this rule can result in loss of account privileges."

However, for the purposes of this wiki, a non-member (who has nothing to lose), has posted the above links.