Pokemon GO Mafia
Game information
Host GMaster479 & DarthMask
Link Pokemon GO Mafia BTSC threads
Size 15 Players (Medium)
Start Date 15-08-2016
Winning Faction Mystic & Instinct
Roster #, player
  1. SparrowHawk
  2. araver
  3. Plasmid
  4. Darth Nox
  5. Maurice
  6. Slick
  7. Nana7
  8. Boquise
  9. Prof. Templeton
  10. Jay Gold
  11. Xylira
  12. Okosan
  13. Framm18
  14. Phaze
  15. dee
First to Die Phaze
Last Remaining SparrowHawk & dee
MVP maurice
Awards -

Pokemon GO Mafia was a game designed and hosted by GMaster479 based on his own design (see also Pokemon Mafia and Pokemon Mafia - Hoenn). It was co-hosted by DarthMask

It began on August 15th, 2016 and ended in a Team Instinct and Team Mystic win in N10 (September 1st, 2016).

Game Mechanics

This is a 3-faction Mafia game belonging to Hybrid games. A 3 way battle between Team Valor, Team Instinct and Team Mystic, with each team starting with 2 Pokemon and being able to recruit from there.



  • Each first stage Pokemon gets 3 candies per night and 3 candies per day.
  • Each second stage Pokemon evolved from 25 candies (Gloom, Haunter, and Kadabra) gets 6 candies per night and 6 candies per day.
  • Each team is awarded 3 candies that can be used on any Pokemon per number of members.
  • Candies are awarded at the beginning of each cycle and Pokemon can choose to evolve the cycle that they have enough candies to do so.

Role Description

Team Valor: Has EITHER RID Kill or RID Recruit each night. WINCON: Last team standing.

  • Moltres: Valor Gym Leader: Block
  • Flareon: Valor Team Member: Spy

Team Instinct: Has EITHER RID Kill or RID Recruit each night. WINCON: Last team standing.

  • Zapdos: Instinct Gym Leader: Block
  • Jolteon: Instinct Team Member: Spy

Team Mystic: Has EITHER RID Kill or RID Recruit each night. WINCON: Last team standing.

  • Articuno: Mystic Gym Leader: Block
  • Vaporeon: Mystic Team Member: Spy

Other Pokemon: Independent until captured by a team WINCON: If not recruited, evolve yourself to your final evolution stage with no help. When this happens you win the game but are still alive and can't be recruited anymore.

  • Zubat: Supersonic: Redirect (Passive)
    • Golbat (50 candies): Confuse Ray: Redirect (Active)
  • Magikarp: Splash: Vanilla
    • Gyrados (50 candies): Hyper Beam: Kill every other night
  • Clefairy: Metronome: Dice Roll action (1: Block 2: Spy 3: Redirect 4: Kill 5. Recruit 6. Splash)
    • Clefable (50 candies): Moonblast: Trap for Night/Day
  • Weedle: Poison Sting: Can sting one person at night. Stinging twice in a row blocks them.
    • Kakuna (12 candies): Harden: Can't be killed at night
      • Beedrill (25 candies): Poison Jab: Can sting 1 person per night. 2nd sting kills them.
  • Caterpie: String Shot: Slows down a person (blocks their action and forces it to happen the following night)
    • Metapod (12 candies) Harden: Can't be lynched
      • Butterfree (25 candies): Sleep Powder: Blocks their action, 50% chance of sleeping through the day
  • Pidgey: Gust: Pushes them to a different target (redirect)
    • Pidgeotto (12 candies): Aerial Ace: Swoops in and steals an action from any player to use the next night.
      • Pidgeot (25 candies): Mirror Move. Can RID copy any role and use it that night
  • Abra: Teleport: Teleports away from any kills at night
    • Kadabra (25 candies): Future Sight: Can choose a Pokemon to block the following night (Calls Block N3, block happens N4)
      • Alakazam (50 candies) Psychic: Predicts an action of a Pokemon. If correct, controls that action and forces it somewhere else
  • Gastly: Hypnosis. Chooses someone at night to sleep through the vote so their vote doesn't count. *Edited for clarification*
    • Haunter (25 candies): Dream Eater. Chooses someone to sleep through the vote and their role is revealed to Haunter
      • Gengar (50 candies): Nightmare. Secretly controls any persons vote they want and can switch it.
  • Oddish: Sweet Scent: 50% chance of evading an action
    • Gloom (25 candies): Mega Drain: Steals the action of anyone who attacks it. 50% of using it the following night
      • Vileplume (50 candies): Petal Dance: Kill every night, but 50% chance of getting confused and hitting a different target

Host's Summary

Yeah those hiccups gave me mini heart attacks. This is not a type of game I do normally and at times I really feel it showed, but I feel I learned a lot. I was telling araver in BTSC that I have so much respect for his crazy games. I'm glad it worked out in the end. It really was fun to watch and even host. I want to re-host this game sometime later when Pokemon GO makes a comeback.

For MVP, it really is difficult. This game was played very well by so many people. I don't want to not award one though. So with that said I'm going to give it to maurice. As well as dee played like she was independent and secured the team the win, mo had the target on him from D1 and some how made it to the final night due to a lot of BS in the thread and even more overthinking in BTSC.

Big kudos to Phaze as well for keeping me sane in the Ghost BTSC. I really needed that at times. Also to DarthMask who despite disappearing too early made it easier on me.

Winning Faction

MVP: maurice

Team Instinct:

  • Phaze - Jolteon
  • Okosan - Zapdos
  • Darth Nox - Butterfree
  • Prof. Templeton - Golbat
  • Framm18 - Gyarados
  • dee - Vileplume

Team Mystic:

  • Maurice - Articuno
  • SparrowHawk - Vaporeon
  • Plasmid - Gengar
  • araver - Kakuna

Day and Night Posts

Intro N1 D1 N2 D2 N3 D3 N4 D4 N5 D5 N6 D6 N7 D7 N8 D8 N9 D9 N10

End of Game Roster

  1. SparrowHawk - Vaporeon
  2. araver - Weedle / Kakuna - lynched D8
  3. Plasmid - Gastly / Haunter / Gengar - lynched D7
  4. Darth Nox - Caterpie / Metapod / Butterfree - RID Killed N7 by Mystic
  5. Maurice - Articuno - RID Killed N10 by Instinct
  6. Slick - Moltres - lynched D4
  7. Nana7 - Flareon - RID Killed N9 by Mystic
  8. Boquise - Clefairy - lynched D6
  9. Prof. Templeton - Zubat / Golbat - RID Killed N8 by Mystic
  10. Jay Gold - Pidgey / Pidgeotto - killed N4 by Gyarados
  11. Xylira - Abra - lynched D9
  12. Okosan - Zapdos - RID Killed N10 by Mystic
  13. Framm18 - Magikarp / Gyarados - lynched D5
  14. Phaze - Jolteon - lynched D3
  15. dee - Oddish / Gloom / Vileplume