Vote Manip Mafia
Game information
Host Yuli
Link Game thread: Vote Manip Mafia BTSC threads
Size 9 Players (Tiny)
Start Date 14.05.2011
Winning Faction Goodies
Roster 1) Shadow7

2) Darth nox
3) Q-Cumber
4) Hirkala
5) GMaster479
6) Akriti
7) solman
8) EDM
9) DarthMask

First to Die GMaster479
Last Remaining 1) Shadow7

2) Darth nox
3) Q-Cumber
7) solman
9) DarthMask

Awards -

Vote Manip Mafia was a game designed and hosted by Yuli based on original design.

It began on May 14th, 2011 and ended in a Goodie win in D2 (May 18th, 2011).

Game Mechanics


  • Every 24 hours = both a night and a day. N1 the spy and Baddies send their targets, night-post goes up as soon as both are sent. For the next 24 hours, spy and baddies can send another target. The lynch would happen and there would be a few hours for the baddies and spy to change their target, if they like. Then the next night post comes up and the voting starts again.
  • No story posts

Role Description

Baddies WINCON: Eliminate the Good Guys--BTSC and Night Kill

  • Master Vote Manipulator--His vote can count as x0 or x1. If it counts as x1, he secretly chooses who he votes for.
  • Apprentice Vote Manipulator--His vote can count as x0 or x3, but nothing in between.

Goodies: WINCON: Eliminate the Bad Guys

  • Vote Manipulator (4) -- Their votes count as x0, x1, or x2
  • Vote Manipulator v2 (2) -- Their votes count as x1, x2, or x3
  • Spy -- Spies the role of a player. His vote always counts as x1.

Host's Summary

Game Idea and Expectations

The whole point of this game was to see if a quick day-based game could function well. It was fast-paced and met the goal that I had intended. It was supposed to reflect the nature of a live-action game where nights are quick and days, while longer than nights, are the focus of the game.


This game was a test run to see if a vote version of the spy game could be implemented. From what I've gathered, it's unlikely that it will ever be played as a SB game, but it does have potential to be recycled as a standard mafia game in Lane 1.

Special commendations

As it was a quick game, there isn't a lot to say. But some good hunches from Hirkala and solid vote strategy and leadership from solman drove this game highly in favour of the goodies.

Host disappointments

My biggest disappointment was the extreme lack of strategy from the baddies. They didn't effectively use the tools they were given and that's really why they lost.

Alternate endings

Given the random distribution of roles, there really was only one way for this game to go. If it were played again with a stronger baddie faction, there's little doubt that it would play out in a more balanced way.

By Yuli

Winning Faction


  1. Shadow - Vote Manipulator v2.2
  2. Darth Nox - Vote Manipulator v1.2
  3. Q-Cumber - Vote Manipulator v1.1
  4. Hirkala - Spy
  5. GMaster479 Vote Manipulator v1.3
  6. solman - Vote Manipulator v2.1
  7. DarthMask - Vote Manipulator v1.4

MVP: None

Day and Night Posts

No day/night story-like posts. Only the killed/lynched person was announced.

End of Game Roster

Host: Yuli

  1. Shadow - Vote Manipulator v2.2
  2. Darth Nox - Vote Manipulator v1.2
  3. Q-Cumber - Vote Manipulator v1.1
  4. Hirkala - Spy - Killed N2
  5. GMaster479 Vote Manipulator v1.3 - Killed N1
  6. Akriti - Master Vote Manipulator - Lynched D1
  7. solman - Vote Manipulator v2.1
  8. EDM - Apprentice Vote Manipulator - Lynched D2
  9. DarthMask - Vote Manipulator v1.4